About us

Bioorganic Chemistry Group was established in 1970 by professor Gotfryd Kupryszewski. Initially, it was operating within the Institute of Chemistry and since 1991 within the newly-founded Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdansk. In 1996 professor Krzysztof Rolka became a head of the Group and in 1999 Department of Bioorganic Chemistry was established. Within the Department there is an independent research group – Group of Biologically Active Compounds which is conducted by professor Piotr Rekowski.
The research of BChD is focused on synthetic inhibitors and substrates of proteinases. At the beginning, the leading structures for designing new inhibitors were low-molecular-weight inhibitors isolated from the seeds of the Cucurbitaceae family. More recently trypsin inhibitor of trypsin - SFTI-1 isolated from the sunflower seeds has been chosen as a starting structure. Such investigations, carried out for years, led to discovering potent and selective inhibitors of serine proteinases. A part of this long-term project is devoted to the design and synthesis of chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates of proteinases. These investigations are carried out using both the classical approach and combinatorial chemistry methods. It is worth to mention that also other biologically active peptides such as neutropeptides, opioids, tachykinins are objects of our studies. Recently antimicrobial and proliferation inducing peptides and their conjugates became one of the research topics of Bioorganic Chemistry Department.